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I was tagged by friendofcirno. Thanks

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-Name: Maka

-Birthday: July 25th

-Favourite colour: Baby blue

-Lucky number: 5 

-Height: About 5 ft

-Talents: Computers

-Last dream you remember: Actually, I don’t remember

-Can you juggle: No

-Art/Sport/both: Both

-Do you like writing: Yes

-Do you like dancing: No

-Do you like singing: Yes


- Dream vacation: Japan

-Dream guy/gal: None. 

-Dream wedding: A place with booming cherry blossoms on a sunny day

-Dream pet: Dog, cat, bunny and turtle

-Dream job: Scientist

-Favourite song:  Dearly Beloved - Yoko Shimomura

-Favourite album: None

-Last song heard on the radio: Glamorous -Fergie

-Least favourite song: Justin Bieber - Baby (me too!)

-Least favourite album: None

-Least favourite artist: Justin Bieber!


-Guys/Girls/both: Guys

-Hair colour: Dark brown

-Eye colour: Brown

-Humorous/Serious: With people I don’t know I am serious, but with people I know I’m humorous

-Taller/Shorter: In the middle

-Biggest turn-off: Stupid people

-Biggest turn-on: Anime and video games 

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